Launch the app. After a few seconds you should see the postings list screen.  This screen shows the last 10 days of postings, grouped by date.  For each posting you can see the subject line, author and posting time:

If the subject line shows in blue, rather than black, this means iCTBirds knows the location of the posting.  You’ll see how to use that in a moment.  Now touch a posting to see the posting details:

You can touch and drag to scroll the message body if it isn’t all visible in one screen.  You can also move to other messages in the list using the next  or previous  icons.

If the map icon is enabled, you can touch this icon to see a map view showing the location of this posting, indicated by a red pushpin:

This map view has all of the standard behaviour: you can touch and drag to move the map, use pinch gestures to zoom in or out, tap twice to zoom in, and use a two-fingered tap to zoom out.

In addition, you can use the map style controls  to display the map view, satellite view or a mix of both.  This setting is “sticky”, and will be retained until you exit the app:

Switch the map style back to “Map”, then click on the current location icon to zoom the map to include your current location, indicated by a green pushpin:

Suppose you’d like to go to that location.  Touch the red pushpin to reveal a small annotation.  This annotation shows the posting subject and author name:

Now touch the directions icon  to see how to get there:

Note that at this point you’ve left iCTBirds, because the functionality for displaying directions is provided by the standard iPhone Maps application.