To create a posting with iCTBirds, use the compose icon in the top left of the postings list screen.  You will see the location confirmation screen:

If you want to use the current location in your posting, realize that the iPhone can sometimes take up to 30 seconds to accurately determine the current location, and in the interim the reported location may not be as precise as you would like.  This confirmation screen shows the location and degree of accuracy.  If the accuracy is acceptable, touch “Yes”.  Otherwise, wait a while for it to improve.  Note that we have never seen readings more accurate than +/- 17 metres.

In the posting composition screen, note that iCTBirds has prefixed the subject line with your current location.  It has also added a link to the current location in the body of the message:

Start typing the rest of the subject line and the message body, as per CTBirds guidelines.  When you are ready, just touch “Send”.  If you change your mind, or want to finish the posting later, touch “Cancel”.  You will see the cancel options alert:

Touch “Delete Draft” to forget about this posting.  Perhaps it wasn’t the bird you thought it was.

Touch “Save Draft” if you’d like to finish the composition later.  You will be able to find it in the “Drafts” folder of the iPhone Mail application.